Alpha Centauri Wiki

Since January, we have been working to find areas we can leverage existing work from Fandom onto Gamepedia and from Gamepedia onto Fandom. One project that emerged from this effort involves changing up Gamepedia’s ad units for logged out users on their first impression, replacing a less useful unit with one that has shown great results on Fandom. We call this the Top Impact Unit.

Since this unit is just for logged out users, logged in editors will see no change in ad behavior, continuing our policy of editors having an “ad lite” experience by default, with the opportunity to earn an ad free experience with Gamepedia PRO.

The Top Impact Unit is a top of the page ad that appears above the navbar, delivers a high impact ad, and then retreats to a resolved state. It will be replacing the “leaderboard” unit, which appeared between the page title and intro, thus breaking up wiki content.

Once a logged out user has counted their first impression on the site with Top Impact Unit active, they will revert to the normal ad experience.

In its most common variant, the Top Impact Unit can be manually converted into its resolved state by clicking the X in the upper right hand corner.

The target date for this change is July 1st.

We will begin testing of the Top Impact Unit on two Gamepedia wikis on June 3rd. The two wikis chosen for this test are Red Dead Redemption 2 and Alpha Centauri. If additional wikis are required for testing needs, we will be communicating the specifics on Discord, Slack, and the wiki(s).