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Prime Function Aki Zeta-5 is the leader of The Cybernetic Consciousness.

Background[ | ]

Annikki Luttinen was born in Norway in 2028, her parents simple shopkeepers in Hollingsdall. Early in life, she showed uncommon talent in mathematics and computer science. Studied at Oslo University, earned Bachelor of Science in Engineering and Programming, Masters in Computer Science, Ph.D. Computer Science and Computer Age Philosophy. Became expert with C* and C** programming languages. Specialized in Artificial Intelligence. She joined the Zakharov Research Institute in 2057, and was one of the engineers handpicked by Prokhor Zakharov to join the Unity expedition.

During the Unity's construction, Luttinen set up an unauthorized experiment in pre-sentient algorithms, using dormant bandwidth on the Unity computers, possibly on the orders of Prokhor Zakharov. She designed the experiment to run for 40 years, hoping for some interesting results over that unprecedented time frame. However, upon awakening, the crew found a system crash message dated from launch +3 months, along with an auto-stack dump that indicated program failure. In the rush to repair the starship, there was little time to investigate further even though there were hints that Luttinen had not acted entirely on her own.

Captain Garland gave Luttinen a simple reprimand, then filed the matter for later investigation. Unfortunately, Luttinen was stricken with rheumatic fever in the last days before Planetfall. Unaccounted for in the final exodus, it was assumed that she was killed in the hospital bay when the Unity crashed to Planet's surface.

Some time after Planetfall, Luttinen reappeared, dramatically transformed. Her brain and nervous system were fused with a sophisticated computer implant, which apparently ran an algorithm similar to that of her ill-fated experiment. As a result, she shared her consciousness with a machine intelligence, dampening her emotional awareness but sharply boosting her memory and analytic ability. How this union had come about was a mystery, but it had transformed a rather mouselike computer scientist into "Aki Zeta-Five," a formidable creature quite capable of leading a faction of her own.

Aki Zeta-Five is detached and remorselessly logical, uninterested in appeals to emotion or "human" values. Her logic does not necessarily make her actions consistent, and she is quite capable of reversing earlier decisions in response to new information. Some observers outside the Consciousness speculate that she is not quite sane, pointing out that she exhibits signs of bipolar disorder and has ruthlessly betrayed some former associates.

Psychological profile[ | ]

Her strong emphasis in logic and reason cause her to sacrifice emotion and intuition for pure practicality. High degree of treachery likely. Appeals to emotion, past, and humanity unlikely to succeed. Dangerous in the extreme.

GURPS stats[ | ]

  • Human female; age 32; 5'6", 134 lbs.; pale skin, unkempt ash-blonde hair, blue eyes.
  • ST 10 [0]; DX 11 [10]; IQ 16 [80]; HT 10 [0]. Speed 5.25; Move 5. Dodge 6.
  • Advantages: Enhanced Time Sense [45]; Intuitive Mathematician [25]; Military Rank 3 (Lieutenant, Junior Grade) [15]; Unusual Background (Merged with a computer algorithm) [20].
  • Disadvantages: Low Empathy [-15]; No Sense of Humor [-10]; Odious Personal Habit (Poor grooming) [-5].
  • Quirks: Impatient with emotions and sentiment; Never refers to her past before Planetfall; Regards herself as only partially human; Treacherous; Utter pragmatist. [-5]
  • Skills: Artificial Intelligence-17 [4]#; Computer Operation-17 [2]; Computer Programming-21 [8]*; Diplomacy-14 [1]; Driving (Automobile)-12 [2]&; Driving' (Heavy Wheeled)-12 [2]&; Electronics (Computers)-18 [4]|; Electronics Operation (Communications)-17 [4]; Electronics Operation (Computers)-18 [6]; Electronics Operation (Sensors)-17 [4]; Leadership-14 [4]§; Mathematics-19 [4]*; Philosophy (Analytic)-15 [2]; Research-16 [2}; Teaching-16 [2].
  • Languages: English-15 [1]; Finnish (native)-16 [0]; Norwegian-16 [2]; Russian- 15 [1].

Gallery[ | ]