Alpha Centauri Wiki

Your Alpha Centauri Score is computed as follows once you win or retire:

  1. 1 point for each citizen of each base.
  2. 1 point for each citizen of a surrendered base.
  3. 1 point for each unit of commerce your bases are receiving.
  4. 1 point for each technology discovered.
  5. 10 points for each Transcendent Thought advance.
  6. 25 points for each Secret Project.
  7. A Victory bonus if you have won the game, -2 points per turn elapsed: 1000 for a Conquest victory, 1200 for a diplomatic victory or economic victory, and 2000 for achieving Transcendence.
  8. If you have won a Diplomatic or Economic victory, score: 1 point for each citizen of a Pact Brother's base and 1/2 point for each citizen of any other faction's base.

Holobook[ | ]

At the end you see your score and sentences :

Following your retirement, the people collect your most memorable writings into a holobook of wisdom entitled:

  1. $TITLE0 $PLAYER1's Big Book of Recycling Tanks Humor
  2. We Must Consent: 100 Surefire Pick-up Lines of $TITLE0 $PLAYER1
  3. For I Have Tasted The Fungus (Why $TITLE0 $PLAYER1 Can't Blink)
  4. The Cat In The Vat: $TITLE0 $PLAYER1's Sleepchamber Stories
  5. Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Organic Superlubricant (But Were Afraid To Ask)
  6. I'm OK, You're A Drone
  7. Boreholes I Have Known
  8. The Little Terraformer That Could
  9. Are You There, Planet? It's Me, $TITLE0 $PLAYER1
  10. Recon Rovers: Unsafe At Any Speed
  11. How To Raise A Nerve-Stapled Child
  12. Men Are From Chiron, Women Are From Nessus
  13. All I Ever Wanted To Know I Learned in the Cloning Vats
  14. Mindworms in the Mist
  15. Our Biomachinery, Our Selves
  16. Actualizing Your Sentient Being: $TITLE0 $PLAYER1's Self-help Guide for Talents
  17. The Unbearable Lightness of Hovertanks
  18. Sentient Econometrics Made Simple
  19. Lady Deirdre's Lover
  20. Zen and the Art of Missile Rover Maintenance
  21. Transcendence for Dummies
  22. The 27 Habits of Highly Effective Talents
  23. $TITLE0 $PLAYER1's Critique of the Critique of Pure Reason
  24. The Will To Power: A User's Guide
  25. Stairway to Transcendence: The Last Book You'll Ever Read