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Talents, the desired class.

Citizens are the men and women working for the success of your faction. Represented by "persons" at each of your bases ("person" represents about 1,000 colonists), most of your citizens will be grey workers, capable of producing standard resources from squares surrounding the city.

Talents[ | ]

Good social conditions in your colony may cause some Workers to become green Talents. If there are no drones and more than 50% of your workers are talents, the base enters a Golden Age (increased production output and accelerated growth). The Age ends as soon as conditions fall below the 50% Talent/No Drones threshold.

Specialists[ | ]

You may elevate some citizens to become Specialists (Doctors, Technicians, Librarians, etc). Once assigned to a specialty, they are taken off the world map and do not work resources, but provide situational bonuses:

Citizen types and specializations
Name Image Prerequisite Obsolete Economy Bonus Psych Bonus Research Bonus
Drone Drone1Drone2 Standard productivity, may cause drone riots if more than talents
Worker Worker1


Standard productivity
Talent Talent1


Standard productivity, may trigger a Golden Age in a base with no drones and if >50% workers are talents.
Technician Techn Fusion Power +3
Engineer Eng Fusion Power +3 +2
Doctor Doct Centauri Meditation +2
Empath Telepath Centauri Meditation Secrets of Alpha Centauri +2 +2
Librarian Libr Planetary Networks Mind/Machine Interface +3
Thinker Thinker Mind/Machine Interface Secrets of Alpha Centauri +1 +3
Transcend Transcend Secrets of Alpha Centauri +2 +2 +4