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Commerce is bonus energy generated from trade between two friendly factions. Whenever you sign a Treaty or Pact with another faction, your bases will automatically begin to accrue commerce (and this benefit extends to your partner faction as well).

Commerce is interrupted whenever a Vendetta occurs between two factions, or when sanctions are applied against a faction which has committed an atrocity. Think of Commerce as a reward for peaceful behavior.

Between two factions, commerce is more beneficial to the faction which has discovered the most Economic technologies. CEO Morgan gains additional bonuses here as part of his faction power. Commerce also tends to benefit the current Planetary Governor.

You can increase your commerce rates by doing the following:

  • Sign more Treaties.
  • Sign more Pacts (Pacts receive double commerce).
  • Increase the size and economy of your bases ("it takes energy to make energy").
  • Discover more economic-related technologies

Economic related technologies include Industrial Economics, Industrial Automation, Planetary Economics, Industrial Nanorobotics, Sentient Econometrics, and Environmental Economics.

Value[ | ]

Commerce is computed base by base between factions with Treaties and Pacts, as follows:

  1. First, all bases for each faction are ranked from top to bottom by Energy output.
  2. Bases are paired off from top to bottom. If one faction has extra bases, these are ignored.
  3. For each pair of bases, sum the combined economic output and divide by 8, rounding up.
  4. Double this value if a Global Trade Pact is in effect.
  5. Now, for each individual base, the commerce formula is as follows: (ValueFromStep4) * (CommerceTech+1) / (TotalCommerceTech+1)
  6. CommerceTech is the total number of economic technologies discovered, plus faction & social bonuses.
  7. TotalCommerceTech is the total number of economic technologies in the game.
  8. Now, using the value from step 5, divide by 2 if no Pact (e.g. only a Treaty)
  9. Add +1 if you are Planetary Governor.
  10. Reduce to zero if sanctions are in effect against either faction.