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Superior training and superior weaponry have, when taken together, a geometric effect on overall military strength. Well trained well equipped troops can stand up to many more times their lesser brethren than linear arithmetic would seem to indicate.

~ "Spartan Battle Manual"

Colonel Corazon Santiago is the leader of Spartan Federation.

Background[ | ]

Corazon Santiago was born in Puerto Rico in 2026. When she was still quite young, her family moved to Mexico City, where she was orphaned during the East Side Riots of 2034. Despite her age, she took her younger siblings and joined a survivalist street gang known as the Jade Falcons.

She somehow survived the experience, although when she later appeared in in Boyce Heights, California, her siblings had vanished. Santiago never speaks of them, and their fate is unknown. In New Los Angeles, Santiago served as part of a community security force (the NLA Red Panthers) and then joined the City Guard. She distinguished herself as a battalion commander when the city imposed martial law in 2050. This service gained her a recommendation to the Unity project, which she joined as part of the security detachment, the U.N. Security Force in 2053. Excellent discipline, physical agility and ability to thrive in any environment led to selection as part of security force onboard the UNS Unity.

Unknown to the U.N. selection officials, Santiago was secretly a senior member of the so-called Spartan Federation, a politically influential survivalist group based in the western United States. She used her position within the Unity project and her connections in the U.S. government to have a number of Spartans assigned to the Unity crew. The result was a survivalist faction within the crew, even before the starship left Earth orbit. Once the Unity arrived, the Spartans attempted to seize control of the expedition, setting off the on-board civil war which doomed the starship.

Santiago has a powerful will and practices intense self-discipline. She is adaptable, aggressive, proud, and extremely tenacious. Her personality is one of icy self-control over volcanic rage, the result of her tormented childhood. She will stop at nothing to ensure her own survival and that of her followers. In the end, she has every intention of making herself the absolute ruler of Planet.

Personality[ | ]

Subject possesses strong discipline and ability to suppress own needs and comforts for greater goal. Physical skills and abilities top-notch; subject shows great pride in physical conditioning and disdains weakness. Mental agility and will to survive are superior; highly tenacious.

Possible danger of explosive physical violence with subject due to deep wounds suffered as a child, but subject's exemplary ability to control and channel these responses has made her a model soldier. In spite of reservations, subject comes with exemplary references, and subject's unshakable will to survive could prove beneficial in difficult missions. Recommend subordinate position in security force.

GURPS stats

  • Human female; age 34; 5'8", 125 lbs.; light brown skin, black hair pulled back in a braid, brown eyes.
  • ST 11 [10]; DX 14 [45]; IQ 13 [30]; HT 11 [10].
  • Speed 6.25; Move 7. Dodge 7.
  • Advantages: Combat Reflexes [15]; High Pain Threshold [10]; Military Rank 4 (Lieutenant) [20]; Strong Will +1 [4]; Very Fit [15].
  • Disadvantages: Bloodlust [-10]; Code of Honor (Warrior's) [-10]; Overconfidence [-10].
  • Quirks: Determined to survive at any cost; Obsessive about physical conditioning; Practices extreme self-denial; Proud. [-4]
  • Skills: Armoury (Small Arms)-13 [2]; Brawling-17 [8]; Camouflage-13 [1]; Climbing-14 [2]; Computer Operation-13 [1]; Driving (Automobile)-13 [1]; Driving (Heavy Wheeled)-13 [1]; First Aid-13 [1]; Free Fall-13 [1]; Gunner (Machine Gun)-16 [2]*; Guns (Grenade Launcher)-17 [2]*; Guns (Light Automatic)-18 [4]*; Guns (Machine Pistol)-17 [2]*; Jumping-15 [2]; Knife-16 [4]; Knife Throwing-16 [4]; Leadership-14 [4]; Politics-12 [1]; Running-10 [2]; Scrounging-14 [2]; Stealth-14 [2]; Strategy (Land)-11 [1]; Streetwise-14 [4]; Survival (Urban)-13 [2]; Tactics-15 [8]; Throwing-13 [2]; Vacc Suit-12 [1]; Writing-12 [1].
  • Languages: English-13 [2]; Spanish (native)-13 [0].

Gallery[ | ]