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In the great commons at Gaia's Landing we have a tall and particularly beautiful stand of white pine, planted at the time of the first colonies. It represents our promise to the people, and to Planet itself, never to repeat the tragedy of Earth.

~ Lady Deidre Skye,

"Planet Dreams"

Lady Deirdre Skye is the leader of Gaia's Stepdaughters.

Background[ | ]

Born 2025, Edinburgh Scotland, father a U.N. security consultant assigned to various crisis locales worldwide. Her parents divorced when she was still quite young, and her mother effectively abandoned her afterward. She was raised by a series of nannies and private schools, leaving her introverted and detached from most normal emotional relationships.

Skye eventually studied at Cornell University School of Agriculture, acquired Bachelor of Science in Agriculture and Environmental Biology, Masters in Biology, Ph.D. Biology and Genetics. Immediately distinguished self with deep intuitive knowledge of plant strains and ability to intuit powerful genetic manipulations, after she was employed at the Bionex research facility in White Plains, New York. She gained a reputation as a world-class geneticist, developing dramatically improved strains of various crop plants.

Later worked for Red Cross and United Nations Disaster Relief Fund to revitalize radiation and heavy metal contaminated areas with highly specialized biostrains (Skye variation v097 apple and Skye Mark IV wheat strain considered as highest examples of adaptable biogenetics in contaminated soil). Selected as top candidate for Mission Botanist/Xenobiologist by U.N. Alpha Centauri Mission Committee, appointed against wishes of Chief Science Officer Prokhor Zakharov. In the late 2040s, she was often mentioned as a potential Nobel candidate, although she had not yet won the prize when she left Earth aboard the Unity.

Personality[ | ]

Deirdre Skye remains a brilliant scientist, but since joining the Unity expedition she has also become an ideological leader. She is committed to ecological stewardship, and demands that the expedition avoid repeating what she terms the "tragedies" of Earth. In some ways, her devotion to the environment is nonrational, and she often argues for it in near-religious terms (this is why, despite her talent as a scientist, Prokhor Zakharov opposed her presence on the expedition). She has gathered a devoted following among the expedition's agronomists and biologists.

Relies on deep intuitive sense combined with scientific knowledge for determination of future actions. Powerful mind and will combined with broad base of knowledge leads her to excel in chosen area of expertise. Sense of isolation from childhood events (e.g. divorce of parents) and prelaunch events reinforces strong tendency to introversion.

Strong connection to environmental causes may cloud scientific judgment; strong democratic leadership style may result in subject placing welfare of loyal subordinates above welfare of mission as a whole. Appeals to reason should prove effective in discouraging these behaviors.

GURPS stats[ | ]

  • Human female; age 35; 5'7", 115 lbs.; pale skin, long dark-brown hair, blue eyes.
  • ST 10 [0]; DX 12 [20]; IQ 14 [45]; HT 12 [20].
  • Speed 6.00; Move 6.
  • Dodge 6.
  • Advantages: Beautiful [15]; Empathy [15]; Military Rank 4 (Lt.

Commander) [20]; Strong Will +1 [4].

  • Disadvantages: Fanaticism (Environmentalism) [-15]; Sense of Duty (Loyal followers) [-10]; Shyness (Mild) [-5].
  • Quirks: Fonder of plants than of people; Introverted; Scottish brogue grows thicker under stress; Writes volumes of poetry. [-4]
  • Skills: Administration-14 [2]; Agronomy-15 [4]; Biochemistry-14 [8]; Botany-16 [8]; Chemistry-14 [4]; Computer Operation-15 [2]; Computer Programming-12 [1]; Driving (Heavy Wheeled)-12 [2]; Ecology-17 [10]; First Aid-15 [2]; Free Fall-12 [2]; Genetics-16 [16]; Hiking-12 [2]; Leadership-13 [2]*; Naturalist-15 [6]; Poetry-13 [1]; Research-15 [4]; Swimming-13 [2]; Teaching-13 [2]*; Vacc Suit-13 [1]; Writing-14 [2]; Zoology-13 [2].
  • Languages: English (native)-14 [0].

Gallery[ | ]