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Diplomatic victory is a victory type in Alpha Centauri.

Overview[ | ]

You may win the game diplomatically by convincing enough faction leaders to unite behind you as Supreme Leader of Planet.

A 3/4 vote of the Planetary Council is required to secure such election. Only the leader of one of the two factions with the highest vote totals may stand for election as Planetary Governor or Supreme Leader. No leader can win a diplomatic victory so long as any Progenitor faction remains Unconquered.

When a Supreme Leader is elected, a faction leader may choose to defy the will of the Council and refuse to submit. In this case, the Supreme Leader must, with the help of loyal factions, conquer all defiant factions to achieve a Conquest victory. Because of the military power usually required to secure election as Supreme Leader, defying the will of the Council is generally fairly suicidal. Other factions will therefore usually only take this course if you have committed atrocities against them or grossly and repeatedly betrayed them.

Score[ | ]

If you win a Diplomatic Victory, you are awarded 1200 points minus 2 for every game turn elapsed. If Cooperative Victory is enabled and your Pact Brother or Sister is elected Supreme Leader, you are awarded half this total.

Narration[ | ]

The transit shuttle rolls on its axis and you are treated to your first view of Planet from orbit since you left the Unity over $NUM1 centuries ago. Through the whitish haze of the atmosphere, the oceans have the same deep vibrant blue, and you can easily make out the violet-orange of the major fungal forests. A sharp line of green marks the edges of the ever-growing Human Zones, and here and there a glint of silver reveals some major metropolis. Blue, red, green and silver, the colors of Planet--mile after mile out to the curve of the horizon.

The docking thrusters fire and you hear the airlock bolts thud into place. You have arrived at the new orbital Planetary Headquarters to assume leadership of the fledgling Executive Council. Not a word has been heard from Earth in all the years since Planetfall, so one can only presume that you and your colleagues now preside over all that is left of humankind.

All of the remaining faction leaders have at last agreed to unite, putting aside the last vestiges of faction rivalry. All of the true enemies have been vanquished, those of your former colleagues who refused to unite for the common good, who foolishly place ideology ahead of humanity's survival. The human race has at last achieved the Unity of which the U.N. Interstellar Colonization Agency dreamed so long ago.

The growing fungal neural net will be the first issue humanity must confront as a united species. After a period of quiescence, the fungal forests are on the march again, now with an almost devious cleverness behind them. Planet is clearly awakening, and it remains to be seen whether humans will even be allowed to maintain a foothold on the surface. You realize, though, as the airlock hisses open and you step into a floating nation of 100,000 souls, that in the long run one world is of only passing significance. Humanity owns the stars once again, and the stars will ever after be its true home.