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Without our work, nothing is built. Without our work, no wealth is gathered. Without our work, no secrets are discovered. Without our work, no base can be defended. Now you tell me: why should our work be taken for the benefit of others?
~ Manifesto

Foreman Domai (born Arthur Donaldson) is the leader of The Free Drones.

Background[ | ]

Domai was assigned to the Unity as a mining specialist, to be awakened Planetside after the regular mission crew had set up permanent settlements. However, a cryopod malfunction following the meteor strike prematurely awakened him into a miasma of toxic gases vented by the crippled ship, causing temporary damage to his memory and communication faculties. Assigned to repair crews as a common drone, Domai struggled to reassert his identity and regain his full humanity. Once recovered, Domai led his co-workers in a revolt at their brutal working conditions, and set out for Planet in command of his new band of followers.

Although already predisposed towards working class politics back on earth, Domai's experience on the Unity seems to have radicalized his beliefs. In either case, Domai's worldview now revolves around the idea of a class struggle that can only be resolved through the destruction of the oppressors. Although his weapons are fairly low-tech, he is not afraid to throw away lives in large, human wave assaults.

Domai was originally Arthur Donaldson, an Australian geologist and mining engineer who had been hired to accompany the Unity expedition as a civilian contractor. Under the initial mission profile, once the starship arrived at Chiron and the mission crew had established ground- side settlements, Donaldson (and many other civilians) would be revived. His own position was to be that of Director of Planetside Mining Operations. when disaster struck the Unity, Donaldson's cryocell malfunctioned, and he awoke into a miasma of toxic gases released by the crippled starship. He survived the experience but suffered minor brain damage, affecting his long-term memory and communication skills.

In the final exodus, he was shoved into an escape pod along with many similar unfortunates. He arrived on Planet, only to find himself embroiled in the Human Hive. Donaldson was given the name "Domai" and assigned to work There, as a common drone in the depths of the Hive. he struggled for several years to regain the use of memory and speech, avoiding drugs and nerve stapling. Eventually, he regained his identity and full intelligence, along with a deep rage against the exploitation of his fellow laborers. A few years after Planetfall, Domai led Planet's first major drone revolt. Against all odds, he and his followers commandeered a colony pod, escaped from the Hive and struck out for a distant part of Planet.

Today, Foreman Domai is the leader of his own faction, the "Arthur Donaldson" identity cast off and forgotten. Although he had been sympathetic to working-class politics even on Earth, his experiences on the Unity and in the depths of the Hive seem to have made him a fiery radical. His entire worldview now centers on an implacable class struggle, in which workers are constantly at war with the elitist oppressors who exploit them. Domai is a stubborn foe, prone to violence and willing to sacrifice many lives to win battles.

Some question whether his toxin exposure might have had other, long-term side effects, which would account for his newfound reliance on violence to achieve his ends Those who choose to build their wealth on the backs of others would do well to avoid this powerful opponent.

GURPS stats[ | ]

  • Human male; age 49; 6'5", 220 lbs.; tanned skin, short black hair, dark brown eyes, prominent drone tattoo.
  • ST 13 [30]; DX 12 [20]; IQ 13 [30]; HT 12 [20]. Speed 6.00; Move 6. Dodge 6.
  • Advantages: Charisma +2 [10]; Fit [5]; Resistant to Poison [5]
  • Disadvantages: Intolerance (Elitists) [-5]; Sense of Duty (Drones and other laborers) [-10]; Stubbornness [-5]; Workaholic [-5]
  • Quirks: Affects working-class accent; Man of few g words; Reads books on politics and military strategy; Refuses to accept privileges; Violent temper. [-5]
  • Skills: Administration-13 [2]; Bard-16 [4]f; Brawling-14 [4]; Carousing-12 [2]; Climbing-12 [2]; Computer Operation-14 [2]; Demolition-15 [4]§; Diplomacy-11 [1]; Driving (Automobile)-11 [1]; Driving (Heavy Wheeled)-12 [2]; Electronics Operation (Communica- tions)-12 [1]; Electronics Operation (Sensors)-12 [1]; Engineer (Mining)-16 [10]; Fast-Talk-13 [21; First Aid- 13 [11; Free Fall-12 [2]; Geology-14 [6]; Guns (Light Automatic)- [1]*; Guns (Rifle)-15 [2]*; Hiking-12 [2]; Intimidation-13 [2]; Knife-12 [1]; Leadership-16 [4]f; Mechanic (Mining Equipment)-14 [4]; Merchant- 13 [2]; Metallurgy-12 [2]; Orienteering-13 [2]; Physics- his12 [2]; Politics-12 [1 ]; Prospecting-15 [6]; Scrounging- 14 [2]; Stealth-12 [2]; Streetwise-13 [2]; Surveying-13 [2]; Survival (Desert)-12 [1]; Swimming-12 [1]; Tactics-12 [2]; Teaching-13 [2|; Throwing-11 [2]; Vacc Suit-12 [1]
  • Languages: English (native)-13 [0].

Gallery[ | ]