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Economic victory is a victory type in Alpha Centauri.

Overview[ | ]

You may win an Economic Victory by cornering the Global Energy Market. You must have discovered Planetary Economics in order to pursue such a plan.

Cornering the Global Energy Market will require a sum of energy credits roughly equal to the cost to "mind control" every remaining base on Planet. When you are ready to make such an attempt, select Corner Global Energy Market from the HQ Menu.

When a faction attempts to corner the Global Energy Market, all other factions will be given an allotted period of time in which they can capture or destroy the cornering faction's Headquarters and thereby foil the plan.

Score[ | ]

For Economic Victory, you are awarded 1200 points minus 2 for every game turn elapsed. If Cooperative Victory is enabled, Pact Brothers and Sisters of the winning faction receive half the bonus points.

Narration[ | ]

"It's all over, $TITLE0 $NAME1! Planet is yours!"

"Thank you Simon. Dismissed."

And so it is ended. All of the remaining faction leaders have surrendered or capitulated, your former colleagues turned treacherous enemies and now turned servants and prisoners of war. On the planet where seven human factions, seven human ideologies, once struggled for dominance only one now remains. Humanity has at last achieved the Unity of which the U.N. Interstellar Colonization Agency dreamed so long ago.

Not a word has been heard from Earth in all the years since Planetfall, only a deafening silence across all frequencies, so one can only presume that you now rule all that is left of humankind. The mysterious and growing Planetmind remains a significant challenge, but humanity is now prepared to meet this alien presence, friend or foe, as a united species. The human species must survive, and it is your duty, your sworn vow, to see that it does.