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Firaxis est une compagnie que j'ai fondée avec quelques amis. L'idée était de revenir à quelque chose de petit. Lorsque Microprose a démarré, c'était une petite compagnie, et c'était très amusant. En dix ou douze ans, elle a pris de plus en plus d'importance et à partir d'un certain moment, il devenait temps de revenir à un environnement beaucoup plus petit, sans les pressions et les problèmes financiers d'une grosse compagnie. En gros, le moment était idéal pour créer une petite société et pour ne plus s'occuper que de jeux.
~ Sid Meier on But I Like This Sweatshirt..."

Firaxians is a Alpha Centauri faction.

Description[ | ]

A playful faction that exists in data and can be enabled by substituting any of the existing factions. Although the faction description ingame gives them the same bonuses as the Gaians, their only bonus is their starting tech of Singularity Mechanics.

Strategies[ | ]

Colony names[ | ]

Land[ | ]

  • Sid's House
  • Brian's House
  • Jeff's House
  • Mt. Washington Tavern
  • Padonia Station
  • San Sushi
  • Andy's
  • Macaroni Grill
  • Bertucci's
  • The Kids' Room
  • Bazzell's Office
  • Amanda's Playground
  • Ryan Meier's Desk

Sea[ | ]

  • Brian's Little Stream
  • Sid's Swimmin' Hole
  • Inner Harbor

Behind the scenes[ | ]

  • The faction blurb is the only one in French and means:
Firaxis is a company that I founded with some friends. The idea was to go back to something small. When Microprose started, it was a small company, and it was a lot of fun. In ten or twelve years, it became more and more important, until at some point it was time to return to a much smaller environment, without the pressures and financial problems of a big company. Basically, it was a good time to start a smaller business and to focus on making games again.