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Forest squares provide balanced but limited nutrients, minerals, and energy production. Forest square production is dramatically increased for bases containing a Tree Farm and/or a Hybrid Forest. Forest will sometimes expand into adjacent squares, even driving out native fungus in the process.

Background[ | ]

Terraformers sometimes planted Earth-born trees across wide ranges of territory. The resulting forests were a viable source of fruit, wood, and other resources. Some of the trees were genetically modified to extract materials from the soil and concentrate them, and to synthesize a wide variety of useful substances. As with the kelp farms, forests thrived on Planet, spreading rapidly into the wild ecosystem and even displacing xenofungus.

In later years, the colonists improved their crop trees by splicing in genes from Planet's native life. The resulting forests were so productive as to encourage the "paving" of Planet's surface with trees. Forests were among the most successful terraforming efforts, and every faction among the colonists used them.