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My gift to industry is the genetically engineered worker, or Genejack. Specially designed for labor, the Genejack's muscles and nerves are ideal for his task, and the cerebral cortex has been atrophied so that he can desire nothing except to perform his duties. Tyranny, you say? How can you tyrannize someone who cannot feel pain?

~ Chairman Sheng-ji Yang,

"Essays on Mind and Matter"

Genejack is a variant of regular humans.

Background[ | ]

The social tension between Talents and ordinary laborers was one of the perennial problems faced by every faction. Some factions responded by working to build egalitarian societies. Others simply tried to make their "drone problem" go away by producing variant humans who would be able to work as drones but who would not try to improve their condition.

One such variant was the genejack, first produced in the depths of the Human Hive. Genejacks are robust and tireless workers, capable of moving about on Planet's surface without protective gear. They are also utterly incapable of personal initiative, and cannot even conceive of rebellion.

The genejack is a human subspecies, and cannot breed true with unmodified humans. Their short lifespan means that they reach sexual maturity at a very young age, but even so, their numbers seem to increase almost too quickly. Rumor has it that in the warrens of the totalitarian factions, retroviral techniques are used to alter adult dissidents into docile genejacks...

Stats[ | ]

  • 25 points
  • Attribute Modifiers: ST +5 [60]; DX +1 [10]; IQ-2 [-15]; HT+1 [10].
  • Advantages: Extra Encumbrance [5]; Filter Lungs [5]; High Pain Threshold [1]
  • Disadvantages: Short Lifespan 2 [20]; Slave Mentality [-40]. Tech Level:
  • TL10(C).
  • Cost: 75,000.