Alpha Centauri Wiki

The Governor is a valuable assistant who can help you control the activities of your base. Whether beginner or expert, you will find the Governor can help you get your bases up and running quickly. To use the Governor, simply tell him whether this base should Explore, Discover, Build, or Conquer.

Governor priorities[ | ]

  • The EXPLORE button tells the Governor to concentrate on finding and occupying new territory. Bases set to explore will typically concentrate on building Scouts, Colony Pods, Transports, and occasional Naval Units for scouting oceans. This button is especially useful early in the game, when you need to expand quickly.
  • The DISCOVER button emphasizes scientific discovery and technological breakthroughs. The Governor will concentrate on building Science Facilities (such as Network Nodes), Secret Projects, Probe Teams, and Prototype Units. This button is especially effective with large, well-protected bases deep in your interior.
  • The BUILD button mandates infrastructure and growth. The Governor will tend to build Facilities and Formers. Use this button at any time to have your base concentrate on peaceful growth.
  • Use the CONQUER button to build up your military. In this mode your base will produce military units of all varieties, and their associated facilities, such as Command Centers. Use this button whenever you need to attack or defend.

Customizing Governor behavior[ | ]

The ADVANCED GOVERNOR button brings up a dialog box which allows you to customize your Governor. For instance, you could tell your Governor to build only facilities.