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Conquerer Judaa Maar is the leader of Manifold Usurpers.

Background[ | ]

Human data on this leader remains sketchy and inconclusive, as his followers surround him with a larger-than-life mystique, making it difficult to separate fact from myth. Most sources indicate he (note: actual gender indeterminate) commanded the Usurper ship destroyed in the battle above Planet. Certainly he is regarded with terror even by his own faction members, as implied by his title of "Conqueror".

This honorific is reserved for those who distinguished themselves in the brutal Succession Wars leading to the Usurper-Caretaker schism, or so our Xenopsych Corps has deduced. Best data also indicates that he holds a place of high importance in the Usurper hierarchy, given his Thrall Command of one of the scout ships searching for the Sixth Manifold.

Although it is important not to anthropomorphize a race as complex and unknown as the Progenitors, a few conclusions may safely be drawn from available data. Having found the Sixth Manifold, this leader will unwaveringly pursue either a Planetary Flowering (best available translation-meaning unknown) or will attempt to contact the nearest Usurper Homeworld, bringing unstoppable reinforcements to bear once the location of the Manifold has been pinpointed and broadcast. Either such an event would likely mean the end of human habitation on Planet.

Humans seem to matter little to this Conqueror, unless they have sided with his Caretaker enemy. He sees little benefit in interaction with a lifeform he perceives as inferior. Humans do possess a few scraps of technology that might be of interest to this leader, which might be bartered for Progenitor science, or perhaps merely a continued sufferance of human existence. Happily, the Usurper landing on Planet seems to have come with little in the way of infrastructure or preparation, so they do not currently have access to the most advanced of their weaponry.

GURPS background[ | ]

To humans, Judaa Marr is even more enigmatic than his Caretaker rival. His very identity was unknown for many years after his arrival on Planet. He apparently never participated directly in the rare negotiations between Usurpers and humans, leaving all such matters to his subordinates. Most of what is known about him comes from captured Progenitor archives.

Judaa Marr was born on the Progenitor Rim World closest to Earth: Tau Ceti III. Not long before his birth, the Usurper faction had seized control of the planetary government and begun an aggressive program of industrial and technological development. The goal was a Planetary Flowering that would grant the Usurpers godlike powers - but something went horribly wrong. Even before the Caretakers sent a battle fleet to put down the rebellion, the Flowering got out of hand. During the final space battle for control of the Tau Ceti system, a holocaust erupted on the planet, destroying almost all life.

By this time, Judaa Marr had reached the rank of Thrall Commander and was in command of a Usurper scout ship.After several years of hiding and evasion up and down the Orion Arm, he led his ship back to the region of his homeworld in search of the legendary Sixth Manifold. Once the Manifold was located, he swore that he would lead an armada of Usurpers to take control of the ancient experiment, repeating the attempt at a Flowering. As it happened, Marr was caught by a Caretaker ship soon after entering the Alpha Centauri system. In the subsequent battle, he and his surviving followers were stranded on Planet. Their mission remained the same, however: to win transcendence for their people.

Judaa Marr is a fierce and cunning warrior, feared even by his own followers. His title of "Conqueror" apparently denotes a high position within the galactic Usurper hierarchy, and he insists on the use of that title by all who deal with him. His individualism and pride make him more human-like than most Progenitors, although he has nothing but contempt for humans. If he decides to do away with a human rival, then the vendetta will continue until either he or the humans are eradicated.

GURPS stats[ | ]

  • Progenitor male (?); age*70; 8', 297 lbs.; pale chitinous integument, deep-set eyes.
  • ST 23 [30]; DX 13 [20]; IQ 12 [20]; HT 13 [20].
  • Speed 6.50; Move 5. Dodge 7.
  • Advantages: Combat Reflexes [15]; Military Rank 6 (Thrall Commander) [30]; No Hidebound [5]; Progenitor (see p. 93) [240]; Reputation +2 (As a fierce and cunning warrior; among Progenitors, all the time) [5].
  • Disadvantages: Bloodlust [-10]; Overconfidence [-10]. Quirks: Collects battle trophies; Dogmatic "atheist"; Insists on his title of "Conqueror"; Leads from the front; Regards human beings as non-sentient vermin. [-5]
  • Skills: Administration-12 [2]; Armoury (Gauss Weapons)-12 [2]; Armoury (Laser Weapons)-12 [2]; Beam Weapons (Laser)-18 [8]*; Brawling-15 [4]; Camouflage-13 [2]; Computer Operation-13 [2]; Demolition-12 [2]; Engineer (Combat Engineering)-12 [4]; First Aid-13 [2]; Free Fall-13 [2]; Gunner (Gauss Cannon)-16* [4]; Gunner (Beams)-16 [4]*; Guns (Gauss Weapons)-16 [2]*; Guns (Light Automatic)-16 [2]*; Hiking-12 [1]; History-12 [4]; Intelligence Analysis-13 [6]; Interrogation-13 [4]; Intimidation-17 [4]§; Knife-14 [2]; Knife Throwing-14 [2]; Leadership-17 [4]§; Literature-11 [2]; Mathematics-11 [2]; Orienteering-12 [2]; Physics-12 [2]|; Piloting (HighPerformance Airplane)-14 [4]; Piloting (High-Performance Spacecraft)-13 [2]; Politics-12 [2]; Psychology-11 [2]; Savoir-Faire (Military)-14 [4]; Scrounging-13 [2]; Stealth13 [2]; Strategy (Land Combat)-14 [4]#; Strategy (Space Combat)-16 [8]#; Tactics-18 [16]; Throwing-13 [4]; TwoHanded Axe/Mace-14 [4]; Vacc Suit-12 [2].
  • Languages: Progenitor (native)-12 [0].