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Guardian Lular H'minee is the leader of Manifold Caretakers.

Background[ | ]

Given the difficulty of penetrating and decrypting alien datalinks, humans have gleaned few concrete facts about this leader. H'minee was almost certainly the leader of the Caretaker ship destroyed high above Planet; this ship was searching for a planet or system known to the Progenitors as the Sixth Manifold (best available translation meaning unknown). Her motivation (note: gender fluid in Progenitor culture; female is the closest human analogue) seems to be the prevention of a Planetary Flowering (meaning also unknown), which her entire faction is dedicated to stopping and the Usurpers seem bent on achieving.

We may make several deductions about the Caretakers based on the available evidence. They will actively oppose anyone who sides with their Usurper rivals, and will immediately become hostile to anyone who tries to achieve the Planetary Flowering. For the Caretakers, the only way off Planet is to contact their Core System Homeworld, an act that would bring massive reinforcements to Planet and would likely mean the end of human habitation on Planet.

Like her Usurper opposite, humans seem to matter little to H'minee, unless they have sided with her mortal enemy. She sees little benefit in interaction with a lifeform she perceives as inferior. Humans do possess a few scraps of technology that might be of interest to this leader, which might be bartered for Progenitor science, or perhaps merely a continued sufferance of human existence. Happily, the Caretaker landing on Planet seems to have come with little in the way of infrastructure or preparation, so they do not currently have access to the most advanced of their weaponry.

GURPS profile[ | ]

Lular H'minee was born to a high-caste creche on a Progenitor Core World, the one tentatively named "Ursa Prime" by human xenologists. She (assuming the human gender concept is correct) was selected in her youth for training as a counselor, specializing in the intricacies of Caretaker philosophy. In accordance with Progenitor practice, she also studied a variety of additional professions. She appears to have what a human would consider professional mastery of fields as diverse as genetics, medicine, and military strategy.

It was this last specialty that brought Lular H'minee into the Caretaker military. The ongoing war against the Usurper faction was entering an intense phase, with skirmishes taking place throughout the Orion Arm of the galaxy. H'minee rose to the command of a scout warship, and was assigned the mission of spying out Usurper plans. After the disastrous attempt at a Flowering on Tau Ceti III, H'minee became aware that the Usurpers were searching for a long-lost Manifold experiment somewhere in the same galactic region. She went in pursuit, and caught up with a Usurper scout ship in the Alpha Centauri system. The subsequent battle stranded Progenitors of both factions on Planet.

Caretaker H'minee appears to be a sane and highly rational being. She is even-tempered and likely to give long consideration to any decision. Despite her devotion to the reactionary Caretaker ideology, she is capable of independent and even innovative thought. In particular, she is intrigued by humans and is willing to negotiate with them on occasion, although she still regards them as not-quite-sentient lesser beings.

GURPS stats[ | ]

  • Progenitor female (?); age 63; 7'5", 260 lbs.; brown chitnous integument, deep-set eyes.
  • ST 18 [-15]; DX 13 [20]; IQ 14 [45]; HT 12 [10].
  • Speed 6.25; Move 5. Dodge 6.
  • Advantages: Military Rank 6 (Thrall Commander) [30]; Progenitor [240]; Strong Will +2 [8].
  • Disadvantages: Absent-Mindedness [-15]; Disciplines of Faith (Ritualism) [-5]; Fanaticism (Caretaker ideology) [-15]; Sense of Duty (Caretakers) [-10].
  • Quirks: Curious about humans; Fond of resonance art; Quotes "religious" aphorisms; Uncertain of her own leadership; Wears elaborate ornaments and jewelry. [-5]
  • Skills: Administration-16 [6]; Appreciate Beauty-12 [2]; Beam Weapons (Laser)-16 [2]*; Biochemistry-13 [4]; Chemistry-14 [4]; Computer Operation-15 [2]; Computer Programming-15 [6]; Diagnosis-18 [8]§; Diplomacy-15 [6]; Driving (Heavy Wheeled)-13 [2]; Electronics Operation (Communications)-15 [4]; Electronics Operation (Medical)- 15 [4]; Electronics Operation (Sensors)-15 [4]; Free Fall-13 [2]; Genetics-15 [12]; Intelligence Analysis-14 [4]; Judo-13 [4]; Karate-13 [4]; Leadership-16 [5]#; Mathematics-13 [2]; Philosophy (Caretaker)-15 [6]; Physician-18 [12]; Physics14 [2]t; Politics-16 [6]; Savoir-Faire-15 [2]; Strategy (Space Combat)-17 [10]; Surgery-15 [8]§; Tactics-16 [8]; Vacc Suit-13 [1].
  • Languages: Progenitor (native)-14 [0].