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AC Manifold Nexus

On the default huge map.

The Manifold Nexus is a landmark in Alpha Centauri.

Description[ | ]

A cluster of mysterious ancient ruins, the Manifold Nexus eventually proved to be the central communications point for all of the alien engineering projects on Planet; in effect, a control center for Planetary intelligence.

Effect[ | ]

  • +1 Planet rating if in faction territory when playing as humans.
  • +1 to Planet and Research, if playing as either Progenitor faction.

Interlude[ | ]

The ‘speeder trip to the alien building is alternately dry, dusty, wet, and nerve-wracking--and an awfully long way to come to view a long-dead temple--but your assistant was quite adamant that you view the ruins for yourself.

At least the building is spectacular and interesting-looking; formed from rock and metal, it looks quite unlike any other alien structure you’ve found so far, and quite unlike any human structure as well. The most prominent features are the rippled carvings covering the outer walls, especially around the entranceway.

Inside, the motif continues: the walls are covered with grooves of various depths and patterns. Some portions of the wall are bare; most are decorated.

"A temple?" You say aloud. "Votive carvings? They almost look like depictions of sound or radio waves."

Your assistant gives you an admiring look.

"Very close, $TITLE0. They’re not [depictions] of sound waves, though--they [are] sound waves. The carvings distort the localized air patterns--the sounds--in specific ways. Once we realized what they were, we were able to do some crude translation."

"Fascinating." You run your fingers over a rough stone surface, trying to imagine what it might ‘mean’. "So what do they say?"

"Keep in mind that this is rough computer decryption, $TITLE0. Very rough. For example, that far wall there with the concentric rings: we believe that it's a command center of some kind. The grooves around it cause most of the sound in the room to be focussed on that area, giving it dominance."

"And you’re assuming this is a language rather than a simple functionality."

"It’s essentially the same thing, $TITLE0. Language is a way to convey abstract thoughts and ideas in a concrete fashion. Here, the function is to concentrate information from..." He trails off.

"From where?"

"From...elsewhere, $TITLE0. We’re not sure."

"Can't we trace back the pathways to discover their source?"

"Not exactly, $TITLE0. Some of the pathways come from Planet itself--specifically from large fungal masses. The emanations have given us a greater understanding of the Planetary fungal cycle, which is a nice side-benefit. But some pathways come from outer space, $TITLE0. We have no idea where. Or why."