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Monoliths are mysterious and unexplained alien devices discovered on Planet.

Description[ | ]

Here and there about Planet, the colonists found monoliths standing alone in the wilderness. Each monolith was a four-sided obelisk, just under 40 feet in height, surrounded by a low circular wall with a single gap for easy access. Wall and obelisk were both apparently made of stone and covered with carvings in the Progenitor language. Surprisingly, these "stone" artifacts were millions of years old, and had somehow avoided damage due to weathering or earthquake during that time.

At first, the colonists assumed that the monoliths were simple markers. They soon found that people and machinery which lingered in the vicinity of a monolith were somehow improved. Damaged machinery was repaired. Undamaged machinery began to work with greater efficiency or effect. Even human beings who spent a few days within a monolith's wall found themselves stronger, healthier, and thinking more clearly and with greater force of will. After centuries of study, the colonists discovered that the mechanism for these effects was a local manipulation of probability fields. Visitors were benefiting from a kind of "retroactive luck" that could improve their situation in a variety of ways.

Effect[ | ]

  • A monolith will increase a unit's morale (or life cycle) one level, but an individual unit can receive only one monolith upgrade (hint: consider saving your upgrade for those hard-to-get promotions from Commando to Elite).
  • A monolith will also completely repair any damaged unit; this can be done any number of times, even if a unit has already received a morale upgrade from a monolith.
  • Monolith squares can also be tapped for resources, and will produce 2 of each resources per turn. This makes them attractive in the early game, but with productivity upgrades from the later stages of the game that far exceed this production level, they become a hindrance.