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Human behavior is economic behavior. The particulars may vary, but competition for limited resources remains a constant. Need as well as greed have followed us to the stars, and the rewards of wealth still await those wise enough to recognize this deep thrumming of our common pulse.

~ CEO Nwabudike Morgan,

"The Centauri Monopoly"

This Namibian diamond tycoon and the Unity franchise holder is a powerful and charismatic individual with very high self-confidence. Relishes life and regards his life as a series of transactions; anything, any interaction, can be shaped if the proper currency (money, love, threat of pain, affection, etc) can be brought to the table. Does not like to lose. Long series of successful business dealings has reinforced both ego and transactional worldview. Soft on ethics: "let the market decide." Pride in work and deep desire to see the Unity depart for worlds uncharted ("the last hope," he called it) should assure work will be completed roughly as contracted.
~ Game profile

CEO Nwabudike Morgan is the leader of Morgan Industries.

Background[ | ]

Born in 2005 to an old noble family tied to royalty in Kenya, Nwabudike Morgan built a world-class business empire from the ground up. Seed money from his family went to buying and selling weapons during the Sahara Burst Wars. Profits from that venture backed a mercenary force that toppled the government of Namibia and gave Morgan control of many of that country's rich diamond mines. From there, he diversified. Leveraging his growing wealth to expand into several other businesses. By the early 2050s, he had a vast empire that included mercenary forces, U.N. escorts, agribusinesses and food-transport corporations, brokering food deals, and creating Morgan SafeHaven Hotel Fortress chain for the discriminating executive.

In the late 2050s, the Russian government was a major partner in the Unity project. When the Russian economic system collapsed again in 2058, Morgan Industries stepped in to buy out many of the construction contracts previously held by Russian interests. Morgan made public statements on a number of occasions, calling the Unity project '"humanity's last hope." He gave the work his personal attention and won high praise in the world press for his selfless devotion.

Then, just before the Unity was launched, Morgan vanished. His lieutenants claimed that he had simply gone into retreat to develop new business ventures. He had not yet reappeared when the Earth's final crisis erupted. As it turned out, Morgan had stowed away aboard the starship, using his corporate control over portions of the construction to ensure that he and a few of his most prized possessions would be aboard at launch time. A few days before Planetfall, his cryocell was opened and he emerged to play a role in the final struggle for control of the starship.

Nwabudike Morgan is a self-confident, even arrogant individual. To him, life is a game of status measured by economic success, and he loves that game for its own sake. He has few ethical values beyond the acquisition of wealth, although he does believe in the fulfillment of contracts. Thus, once he gives his word, it can be relied on. He believes that any interaction can be controlled if the right inducements (money, affection, the threat of harm) can be brought to the table. As a faction leader, he portrays himself as an affable businessman, willing to work for anyone - but make no mistake: in the end he intends to move from merchant prince to emperor.

Notably, Morgan's profile advised that the Unity project and Morgan Industries be carefully audited by neutral agents isolated from Nwabudike and his agents. However, the author of the profile, Anjeli Bole transferred from the Unity Project Team to a position in private industry before the entire report could be filed.

GURPS stats[ | ]

  • Human male; age 55; 5'8", 156 lbs.; dark brown skin, short white hair, dark brown eyes.
  • ST 10 [0]; DX 12 [20]; IQ 14 [45]; HT 11 [10].
  • Speed 5.75; Move 5. Dodge 5.
  • Advantages: Charisma +2 [10]; Voice [10].
  • Disadvantages: Code of Honor (Businessman's) [-5]; Greed [-15]; Overconfidence [-10].
  • Quirks: Fond of luxuries; Hates to lose; Preaches greed as a social virtue; Proud of quality of work; Views life as a series of transactions. [-5]
  • Skills: Accounting-14 [3]§; Administration-18 [8]§; Appreciate Beauty-13 [4]; Bard-19 [4]*f; Carousing-11 [2]; Computer Operation-15 [2]; Detect Lies-13 [2]; Diplomacy-18 [8]*; Driving (Automobile)-12 [2]; Economics- 16 [7 l/2]§; Electronics Operation (Communications)-14 [2]; Fast-Talk-16 [6]; Free Fall-10 [1/2]; Gambling-14 [2]; Law (Corporate)-13/19 [4]; Leadership-17 [4]t; Mathematics-13 [2]; Merchant-17 [8]; Piloting (Light Airplane)-12 [2]; Politics-18 [6]*; Research-14 [2]; Savoir-Faire-17 [2]*; Savoir-Faire (Military)-17 [2]*; Sex Appeal-13 [2]*; Streetwise-14 [2]; Vacc Suit-14 [2]; Writing-14 [2].
  • Languages: Arabic-13 [1]; English (native)-14 [0]; French-14 [2]; German-13 [1]; Japanese-13 [1]; Russian-13 [1]; Spanish-13 [1].

Gallery[ | ]