Alpha Centauri Wiki

Once you have commlink frequencies for all human factions, you can convene the Planetary Council to vote on planetary policies, including election of a Planetary Governor.

In elections for Planetary Governor (and Supreme Leader), each faction casts votes equal to the total size of all its bases. This total may be modified by faction powers and Secret Projects. Only the leader of one of the two factions with the highest vote totals may stand for election as Governor or Supreme Leader.

On votes to set planetary policies, each faction receives one vote. In these votes, the current Planetary Governor has veto power, which can be overridden only by unanimous vote of all remaining factions.

Proposals[ | ]

The following proposals can be brought before the Planetary Council, once appropriate technology is obtained:

The Council also elects the Planetary Governor by a majority vote of population, and by a 3/4 vote by population can annoint a Supreme Leader, conferring a Diplomatic Victory. This requires the Homo Superior technology.