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Probe team is one of the pre-made units in Alpha Centauri.

Description[ | ]

  • Probe teams can infiltrate and subvert enemy bases and units. They can also steal enemy research information, sabotage base facilities, assassinate key enemy personnel, and conduct genetic warfare.
  • Move a probe team up to an enemy base or unit to engage its powers. Probe teams are considered "pirate" units, in that their affiliation is not revealed until attacked or captured.
  • Probe teams can also defend your bases against their enemy counterparts. If a probe team is present in a square when an enemy probe team tries to enter, a combat is resolved between them. The probe team with the highest morale level usually wins.
  • Probe teams often receive morale increases when they complete missions successfully. The higher a probe team's morale level, the more likely it is to survive increasingly more complex missions.