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The substructure of the universe regresses infinitely towards smaller and smaller components. Behind atoms we find electrons, and behind electrons quarks. Each layer unraveled reveals new secrets, but also new mysteries.

~ Academician Prokhor Zakharov,

"For I Have Tasted The Fruit"

Academician Prokhor Zakharov (Прохор Захаров) is the leader of University of Planet.

Background[ | ]

Prokhor Zakharov was born in the city of Cherskiy, Russia, in 1994, just after the fall of the Soviet Union. His father was a businessman and politician, but early exposure to the corruption of post-Soviet society led the young Zakharov to reject such a "worldly" career. Instead, he pursued an education in the sciences, earning his first degree from the University of Moscow and then St. Petersburg at the age of 18 (largely through Interlink correspondence courses). He then joined the Kolymar Defense Force, where he exhibited exceptional aptitude for physics and engineering, sent to University of Moscow on site for Master's in engineering.

During the early 2020s, the Russian Far East was the site of civil unrest and border skirmishes with the People's Republic of China. Zakharov served as a combat engineer in these conflicts, earning a reputation for radical innovation under stressful conditions. Later served as Combat Engineer along the Bering Strait, developed specialized snowbound powered armor for skirmishers, coupled with profound ability to land heavy machinery in any imaginable conditions. By the time relative peace was restored in the region, Zakharov had risen to the post of Chief Engineer of the Kolymar Defense Force.

By 2030, Zakharov was in Moscow for a high-ranking research position in the Russian Ministry of Defense. There, he continued his work on advanced engineering, but also became one of the world's leading researchers in computer design and artificial intelligence. It was for this work that he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Information Science in 2044. Soon afterward, Zakharov joined the U.N. team responsible for developing advanced technology for the newly proposed Alpha Centauri expedition. He did much to promote the Unity mission among world leaders, and was largely responsible for the Russians' heavy commitment of resources to the project.

A high-ranking U.N. official recommended him unconditionally for the post of Chief Science Officer aboard the starship, although the selection proceedings were mysteriously placed under security lock until several years after launch. Prokhor Zakharov is probably the greatest scientific genius among the colonists. His personal worldview emphasizes, over all other human values, the quest for knowledge and the ability to adapt and use tools. In particular, he is impatient with "ethical" arguments unless these can be framed in purely logical terms. He is a superb worker as part of a team, but also has a tendency toward ego, which can make him difficult to manage.

Personality[ | ]

Cognitive ability exceedingly high; genius level. Worldview driven almost exclusively through logic. Poor ethical judgment and inability to weigh in emotional factors; moderate deficiency in social functioning. Puts strong reliance on tools and his ability to use and adapt them; this, over human values, represents ultimate good. Ability to work as part of a team towards definable goals invaluable to mission, but poorly defined sense of ethics and tendency toward self- aggrandizement must be closely monitored by ranking superior.

GURPS stats[ | ]

  • Human male; age 66; 5'10", 168 lbs.; pale skin, long , unkempt white hair, brown eyes.
  • ST 8 [-15]; DX 11 [10]; IQ 15 [60]; HT 10 [0].
  • Speed 5.25; Move 5. Dodge 5.
  • Advantages: Gadgeteer [25]; Mathematical Ability [10]; Military Rank 5 (Commander) [25].
  • Disadvantages: Code of Honor (Scientist's) [-5]; Intolerance (Irrational or superstitious people) [-5]; Reputation -2 (As a manipulative and inhumane scientist; to non-scientists, all the time) [-5]; Stubbornness [-5].
  • Quirks: Abrasive; Egotist; Enjoys leading and working in a team; Loves tinkering and experimentation; Voluminous writer. [-5]
  • Skills: Administration-16 [4]; Artificial Intelligence-19 [8]#; Astronomy-15 [4]; Chemistry-15 [4]; Computer Operation-17 [4]; Computer Programming-21 [10]*; Driving (Automobile)-12 [3]&; Driving (Heavy Wheeled)-12 [3]&; Electronics (Computers)-17 [4]t; Electronics Operation (Communications)-16 [4]; Electronics Operation (Computers)-16 [4]; Electronics Operation (Sensors)-16 [4]; Engineer (Combat Engineering)-16 [2]f; Engineer (Fusion Drive)-18 [6] |; FastTalk-14 [1]; First Aid-15 [1]; Free Fall-11 [2]; Guns (Machine Pistol)-13 [1]§; Leadership-15 [2]; Mathematics-20 [8]*; Metallurgy-14 [2]; Nuclear Physics-15 [8]; Photography-14 [1]; Physics-17 [8]; Politics-16 [4]; Research-16 [4]; Savoir-Faire-16 [2]; Scrounging-16 [2]; Shipbuilding (Starship)-17 [6]; Teaching-16 [4]; Vacc Suit-15 [2]; Writing-15 [2].
  • Languages: English-14 [1]; Russian (native)-15 [0].

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Trivia[ | ]

  • He was originally named "Saratov". The name was changed as it was seen as an unrealistic name by Russian fans.[1]

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