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You waited so long to heed us, earthdeirdre,

Almost we pruned you, as we may yet prune your branches.

~ Lady Deirdre Skye,

"Conversations with Planet"

Secrets of Alpha Centauri is a Discover technology in Alpha Centauri.

Background[ | ]

Some digital sentiences churn through exebytes of Planet-related data in their never-ending quest to untangle Sentient Econometrics (E11). The best of these sentiences do not stop at sorting economic data, but extend their inquiries into Centauri Psi (E11) and other Planetary phenomena. They work to reveal these Secrets of Alpha Centauri as a kind of personal challenge, to prove themselves as machines that can not only conquer the intricacies of society, but also the magnificent complexities of a Planet-wide ecosystem.