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Without sensibility no object would be given to us, without understanding no object would be thought. Thoughts without content are empty, intuitions without concepts are blind.

~ Immanuel Kant,

"Critique of Pure Reason", Datalinks

I swear sometimes they're watching me.

~ Bozon Pete, Shift Foreman,

Metagenics Biomachinery Division

Self-Aware Machines is a Build technology in Alpha Centauri.

Background[ | ]

Following the advent of Digital Sentience (D10), computers have only one great leap left: the evolution to Self-Aware Machines. Advances in N-Space Compression (D11) provide the storage capacity needed for this technology. These machines are capable of complex, higher-order thinking, and value the experience of existence as much as any biological being. As with other living organisms, self-preservation is paramount for these specimens.