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Learn to overcome the crass demands of flesh and bone, for they warp the matrix through which we perceive the world. Extend your awareness outwards, beyond the self of body, to embrace the self of group and the self of humanity. The goals of the group and the greater race are transcendent, and to embrace them is to achieve enlightenment.

~ Chairman Sheng-Ji Yang,

"Essays on Mind and Matter"

Chairman Sheng-Ji Yang (仰生技 Yǎng Shēngjì) is the leader of Human Hive.

Background[ | ]

Born 1999, Wuhan, China; father a prominent Chinese literature scholar. While still attending Beijing University, he was recognized as Master of the Five Excellences: calligraphy, poetry, painting, traditional medicine, and martial arts (including martial tai-chi, wushu, and others). Studied Chinese Literature and Military History at Beijing University, later acquired a PhD in Psychology from same.

While earning degrees in Chinese literature and military history, Sheng-Ji Yang took part in the Great Revival of traditional culture that swept the People's Republic at that time. After the collapse of the Communist regime, Chinese politics became unstable. Sheng-Ji Yang turned to a military career. As an officer, he took part in the Second Golden Revolution and became a personal confidante of the Golden Emperor. Taught joint lock techniques to Chinese military, after 2032 graduated to the Golden Emperor's personal security force. Vanished for several years following the Crimson Succession of 2039, to resurface in United Nations security training force in Geneva. Despite opposition from the Chinese government, he won a berth on the Unity and was named Chief of Security.

Sheng-Ji Yang is probably the most talented individual on the starship, and is certainly considered the most dangerous by Captain Garland. His mind is extraordinarily deep and powerful, with perfect recall and an iron will. He has almost perfect control of his mind and body, and can exert a near supernatural control over other people as well. Calm and rational even under extreme pressure, he is in some ways a sociopath, supremely able to manipulate the emotional responses of others while never permitting them to affect his own. Exceedingly deep and powerful mind; near flawless visual and kinesthetic recall. Somewhat antisocial, security minded to the extreme, with elaborate psychological defense mechanisms against emotional entreaties. High stability and loyalty to mission indicated. Driven primarily by need for security and control. Powerful will; leadership potential high but strong tendency to control and manipulate followers can result in almost cultlike following. Tolerance for pain exceedingly high; .96 on Atherholt Trauma Function Test.

Earlier psych tests showed suspiciously near perfect normals along all axes. Yang likely used his strong will and extensive knowledge of psychiatric indicators to manipulate test results in his favor.

GURPS stats[ | ]

  • Human male; age 61; 5'7", 161 lbs.; golden-brown skin, short white hair, brown eyes.
  • ST 9 [-10]; DX 14 [45]; IQ 16 [80]; HT 11 [10].
  • Speed 6.25; Move 6. Dodge 7.
  • Advantages: Charisma +3 [15]; Combat Reflexes [15]; High Pain Threshold [10]; Military Rank 5 (Commander) [25]; Strong Will +3 [12].
  • Disadvantages: No Sense of Humor [-10]; Paranoia [-10].
  • Quirks: Fond of teaching; Ignores all appeals to emotion; Never raises his voice; Quotes Chinese philosophers and poets; Ruthless. [-5]
  • Skills: Acrobatics-14 [4]; Administration-16 [2]; Artist-15 [2]; Bard-19 [2]*; Breath Control-14 [2]; Calligraphy-14 [1]§; Computer Operation-17 [2]; Criminology-16 [2]; Detect Lies- 15 [2]; Diagnosis-15 [2]; Diplomacy-15 [2]; Escape-13 [2]; Free Fall-14 [2]; Guns (Light Automatic)-16 [ l ] f ; Guns (Machine Pistol)-16 [ l ] f ; Herbalist-15 [2]; History-15 [2]; Hypnotism-17 [6]; Intelligence Analysis-16 [4]; Interrogation- 17 [4]; Karate-16 [16]; Leadership-22 [8]*; Literature-16 [4]; Mathematics-15 [2]; Philosophy (Chinese Legalism)-15 [2]; Physician-15 [2]; Poetry-16 [2]; Politics-17 [4]; Psychology-17 [6]; Savoir-Faire (Military)-17 [2]; Stealth-14 [2]; Swimming- 15 [2]; Tactics-17 [6]; Teaching-17 [4]; Vacc Suit-15 [1]; Writing-16 [2]. Languages: Cantonese-16 [2]; English-16 [2]; Japanese-16 [2]; Mandarin (native)-16 [0].

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