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Datajack Sinder Roze is the leader of The Data Angels.

Background[ | ]

Asa Wright was born in in Trinidad, West Indies Co-Prosperity Sphere, in 2027, the daughter of two faculty members of the University of Trinidad. Her childhood was stable and unexceptional. When she approached adolescence, she revealed the love of excitement and anarchy that would be typical of her later career. By her early teens, she topped Interpol's "Ten Most Wanted" computer crackers. Under her Sinder Roze handle, she made a number of high-profile "burns," a string of asset transfers and incursions into Defense Department computers at a dozen multinational corporations. Investigators traced "Sinder Roze" for years, finally catching up with her after the Markethack Crash of 2049. She was found out and hauled before the Cyber Crimes Tribunal at The Hague.

As it turned out, Asa Wright had nothing to do with the highly publicized cracks into world financial institutions. In the hysteria of the time, however, she was convicted and faced severe penalties. The International Cybercrimes Tribunal offered her clemency if she would lend her talents to the growing Unity project, renounce the unethical use of computers. Wright proved indispensable to the mission, creating superb systems architecture for the starship and the planned colony. She eventually volunteered to join the mission herself, in exchange for the sealing of all records of her past criminal activity. This precipitated a lengthy political struggle with Captain John Garland, who was already aware of her criminal history and considered her extremely dangerous, right after Sheng-Ji Yang.

In the end, Garland was overruled and Wright joined the Unity crew. During the starship's final crisis, Wright ended up among the Morganite faction. She soon became disgusted with Morgan's obsession with wealth, and with the growing strife between factions. As her anger grew, she returned to her ace-cracker's habits, discreetly gathering like-minded friends from all around Planet. When the time was ripe, it was an easy matter to break away and build her own faction. To her, leading her own faction would be the ultimate, and eternally ongoing, challenge.

Asa Wright, or Sinder Roze as she always refers to herself today, is a complex individual. She loves the work of building and maintaining information structures, but she also loves the excitement that comes from attacking such structures. In fact she is no true anarchist, but considers herself an archetypal Trickster. She derives satisfaction from causing maximum disruption with a minimum of effort. She holds no strong ideology and can get along well with anyone who is willing to put up with her behavior.

Personality[ | ]

Roze makes little effort to hide her fondness for wreaking havoc on established information infrastructures, and her superiors should expect this behavior and make allowances accordingly. Although not a true anarchist, she gains a great deal of satisfaction from causing chaos and observing the aftermath.

Her followers consist of a motley collection of hackers, free-thinkers, and drop-outs, whose creativity and talents are welcomed and utilized. Roze holds few ideological scruples, and so can get along with virtually anyone willing to put up with her behavior. Should she incur an enmity, however, she possesses the capability to efficiently and ruthlessly smash the foundations of an information economy.

GURPS stats[ | ]

  • Human female; age 33; 5'9", 112 lbs.; brown skin, short-cropped black hair, brown eyes.
  • ST 9 [-10]; DX 11 [10]; IQ 15 [60]; HT 12 [20].
  • Speed 5.75; Move 5. Dodge 5.
  • Advantages: Attractive [5]; Daredevil [15]; Mathematical Ability [10]; Military Rank 3 (Lieutenant, Junior Grade) [15].
  • Disadvantages: Curious [-5]; Intolerance (Authority figures) [-5]; Trickster [-15]; Workaholic [-5].
  • Quirks: Fond of quoting Sun Tzu; Frequent dancer and carouser; Insists on listening to Bach while working. [-3]
  • Skills: Acting-15 [2]; Carousing-12 [2]; Computer Hacking-18 [8]*; Computer Operation-17 [4]; Computer Programming-20 [8]*; Cryptanalysis-16 [1]*; Cryptography-14 [2]; Cryptology-14 [2]; Dancing-10 [1]; Driving (Automobile)-11 [1]#; Electronics (Computers)-18 [6]f; Electronics Operation (Communications)-16 [4]; Electronics Operation (Computers)-16 [4]; Fast-Talk-16 [4]; Forgery-14 [2]; Free Fall-11 [2]; Leadership-15 [2]; Mathematics-17 [2]*; Merchant-15 [2]; Research-15 [2]; Scrounging-16 [2]; Sex Appeal-13 [2]§; Stealth- 11 [1]#; Swimming-11 [1]; Vacc Suit-14 [1].
  • Languages: English (native)-15 [0]

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