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Sky farms are fantastically beautiful, with their kilometer long networks of glass framed in grids of metal, and the sunlight shining through jungles of vegetation inside. When one of them catches the light, you can see the refracted beauty for miles; they are life-giving stars on a desolate planet...gardens on the wing.

~ Lady Deirdre Skye,

"Planet Dreams"

Sky Hydroponics Lab is a base facility in Alpha Centauri.

Effect[ | ]

Each Sky Hydroponics Lab increases the nutrient output of every base by +1
Can only be produced by bases with Aerospace Complexes
Nutrient increase is halved for bases without Aerospace Complexes, and cannot in any event exceed the size of the base

Strategy[ | ]

Exceptional investment if you have The Cloudbase Academy or a habit of building Aerospace Complexes. The bonus might not seem like much, but it's added for every base, meaning that the more bases you have, the greater the bonus per satellite.