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Superior training and superior weaponry have, when taken together, a geometric effect on overall military strength. Well-trained, well-equipped troops can stand up to many more times their lesser brethren than linear arithmetic would seem to indicate.
~ Col. Corazon Santiago on Spartan Battle Manual

Spartan Federation is a Alpha Centauri faction.

Description[ | ]

The Spartans are paramilitary survivalists. They believe in both a right and a duty to keep and bear arms. The Spartans start the game with the Doctrine: Mobility technology and a fast scout rover vehicle, and they do not have to pay extra to develop prototypes of new units. Morale of their units is exceptionally high, and their citizens accept strict police control as a necessity, but their extravagant military needs weigh down industrial operations.

History[ | ]

In the 2050s, a survivalist movement called the "Spartan Coalition" rose to prominence in North America. The Spartans had extensive political connections, which they used to discreetly influence the process of crew selection for the Unity. As a result, a large number of Coalition members ended up in the crew, including Colonel Corazon Santiago, second-in-command of the ship's Security detachment.

None of this was discovered until late in the journey, when Santiago and her confederates mutinied. Spartans were responsible for much of the damage and many of the crew casualties suffered in the final crisis. In the end, Santiago managed to lead her people to Planet's surface. There, they established the Spartan Federation, and prepared to defend their beliefs against any enemy.

Beliefs[ | ]

The Spartans have a simple and stark philosophy. They believe that the universe is a hostile place that takes no notice of human idealism. In the long run, only the strong survive and rule, while the weak can expect only servitude or death. Better to be strong, always ready to fight for one's life or personal ambitions. Anyone who teaches otherwise is an enemy, trying to corrupt the courage and discipline that are humanity's greatest strengths.

The Spartans have a strong warrior ethic that draws inspiration from the great warrior cultures of Earth's past: the original Greek Spartans, the Roman legions, the Masai, the Japanese samurai, etc. The ideal Spartan is strong, well trained, utterly disciplined, and ready to die when the fortunes of war turn against him.

Relations With Other Factions[ | ]

The Spartans are the most aggressive faction on Planet. Their devotion to factional independence makes them reluctant to ally with others. They claim not to be aggressive, but they are in the habit of "discovering" that others are preparing to attack or otherwise take advantage of them. Such discoveries usually lead to Spartan preemptive strikes. The Spartans have no natural allies, although any faction with sufficient military strength will be able to deal with them as an equal for a time. They are contemptuous of pacifist factions, especially the Peacekeepers and (to a lesser degree) the Gaians. They also despise factions that seek wealth as a primary value, especially the Morganites.

Strengths[ | ]

The Spartans are by far the best trained and most motivated soldiers on Planet. They take pride in being able to defeat the enemy even when working at a numerical or technological disadvantage. Their strong discipline also holds during peacetime, reducing social unrest and making their military police units more effective.

The Spartans are no better at scientific research than any other faction, but they do have an uncanny ability to turn any new technology to military use. They push new weapons systems into mass production, distribute them to soldiers, and combine them with effective tactical doctrine more quickly and more capably than any of their rivals.

Weaknesses[ | ]

The Spartan devotion to the military draws resources away from other areas of their society. In particular, mining and manufacturing are regarded as work for servants; therefore, Spartan industries are often starved for labor and raw materials.

Lifestyle[ | ]

As might be expected, the Spartan way of life is harsh and austere. The Spartans practice infanticide, ruthlessly destroying any child who is physically imperfect or shows mental weakness. Children spend most of their time in communal creches, where they receive intensive combat training along with their other education. Adults are assigned to military or paramilitary units, living in barracks. Even pair-bonded couples receive no private quarters until one of them reaches officer status. Until then, they must get permission (or sneak away) if they wish to spend time together or with their children.

Spartan bases are built and organized as military installations. They are usually kept clean but hard-edged, full of bare metal and stone, with no works of art to soften their austerity. They have few public spaces other than meeting rooms, dining halls, and athletic arenas.

Spartan citizens receive uniforms and equipment from the state, and can often carry all of their personal possessions in a small pouch or backpack. Spartans do enjoy entertainments, which usually involve intense athletic competition. They also engage in elaborate military ceremonies designed to instill pride and loyalty to the state.

In theory, the Spartan state is run as a military dictatorship. Every citizen has a rank and a fixed place in the chain of command, and disobedience can be met with harsh punishment. In practice, every command-grade officer has a personal staff of advisors by way of which ideas and complaints can filter up through the hierarchy. Colonel Santiago has always taught that a good officer listens to her men, and most Spartans have taken that to heart. Spartans often resolve their personal disputes through unarmed or knife duels, which normally go on until one participant is incapacitated or dead. Since even a low-ranking Spartan has the option of a challenge when off-duty, this dueling tradition tends to prevent senior officers from becoming too arrogant.

The Spartans have their dissidents, but most Spartans are committed to their way of life. Their life is harsh, but those who survive to adulthood know that they are among the strongest and most capable people on Planet. Spartans are brutal and violent people, but they are also fiercely proud and loyal.

Citizens[ | ]

The Spartan way of life is demanding and sometimes cruel. Any Spartan who survives until adulthood will probably have some level of Brawling, Judo, Karate, Knife, or similar hand-to-hand combat skills. Anyone with a serious physical disadvantage probably acquired it as a battle injury (or managed to remain useful to the faction by developing expertise in a critical skill).

Most Spartan adults hold some level of Military Rank. Social Status among the Spartans is tied to Military Rank in the usual way; that is, one free level of Status for every three levels of Military Rank.

Strategies[ | ]

Colony names[ | ]

Land[ | ]

  • Sparta Command
  • Survival Base
  • Commander's Keep
  • War Outpost
  • Militia Station
  • Fort Legion
  • Janissary Rock
  • Blast Rifle Crag
  • Hawk of Chiron
  • Assassin's Redoubt
  • Centurion Cave
  • Bunker 118
  • Hommel's Citadel
  • Training Camp
  • Defiance Freehold
  • Hero's Waypoint
  • Fort Liberty
  • Ironholm
  • Fort Survivalist
  • Fort Superiority
  • Halls of Discipline
  • Parade Ground

Sea[ | ]

  • Fleet Anchorage
  • Admiralty Base
  • Hydrodock
  • Fleet Base
  • Sea Outpost