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Important? Yes! Critical? Absolutely. I would go so far as to say that Superconducting Fiber alone makes our present economy possible.

~ CEO Nwabudike Morgan,

MorganLink 3DVision Live Interview

Superconductor is a Conquer technology in Alpha Centauri.

Background[ | ]

The power requirements of Optical Computers (D3) and the nascent Industrial Base (B1) stimulate research into high-temperature Superconductors, an advance long considered a ‘holy Grail’ by physical chemists. A Superconductor is a material that does not resist a flow of electrons. Using a Superconductor, power can be transmitted at incredible speeds over vast distances with no degradation. Bulky and expensive cooling equipment for high-powered machinery or weaponry becomes unnecessary, because these materials remain cool and efficient as electricity passes through them.