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The Betrayer and I is one of the fictional publications quoted in the game.

Is is authored by Prophet Cha Dawn.

Fragments[ | ]

I saw the alien phalanx coming toward us, and I calmed my mind as Kri'lan had taught me. And what I saw next to the phalanx was a shadow regiment, half-formed from the resonance around them. I cursed the aliens...with power like that, each one could fight as many, and I thanked Planet for sending us the betrayer.


Kri'lan taught me of the resonance and how to feel it. After much training, I could see -- the very surface under our feet, Planet itself -- is a living, fluctuating nexus of energy, violent, beautiful and quite unstable. And I could also feel its cousins -- distant mirrors on the other side of the space-time continuum -- the far-flung Manifolds.