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Captain Ulrik Svensgaard is the leader of Nautilus Pirates.

Background[ | ]

Captain Ulrik Svensgaard was born in 2018 of a fisherman father and barkeep mother in Gloucester, Massachusetts. He spent his early 20s following in his father's footsteps before he suddenly joined the Navy in 2042, causing a rift with his family that was never repaired. He served with distinction in the various Pax Decay wars, earning himself a berth at OCS and an eventual appointment as navigator with the William Jefferson Clinton battle group.

During the disastrous 2053 Battle of Baffin Bay, he single-handedly rescued the flag admiral and three other senior officers trapped below decks when the Clinton's magazine exploded, costing Svensgaard the use of his left eye. For his heroics, he was offered his choice of assignments; he chose the fledgling Unity project, thereby bringing a lifetime of seamanship to the stars.

Svensgaard has the rugged determination and self-reliance of a man who has repeatedly conquered the elements on their own terms. He can be sensitive to his lowly origins, and seems to take pleasure in humbling those who believe they possess more impressive pedigrees or credentials. Svensgaard ascribes to no known ideological beliefs, distrusting inflexible dogma and rhetoric, but instead chooses to wield his influence and power in the service of his own advancement and those who choose to follow him. He prefers to remain connected to the ocean when he can, despising the soft life led by 'landlubbers'.

Although not truly malicious, Svensgaard will remove those individuals who stand in his way without a second thought. Anyone venturing into the ocean would do well to avoid or befriend this unique human.

Personality[ | ]

The Pirate leader is a thorough romantic. Since reaching adulthood, he has modeled himself after great seafarers of history and literature: Magellan, Francis Drake, James Cook, Wolf Larsen and (perhaps especially) Ragnar Danneskjold.

He views his life as a long struggle. Pitting one heroic man against the elements and the evil of human beings. Strangely, this self-image does not make Svensgaard overly arrogant. He is supremely self-confident, but he is unfailingly polite to his associates and follows a kind of chivalric code even with his enemies. He never fights simply because of brutality and his word is his bond.

GURPS stats[ | ]

  • Human male; age 42; 6'2", 208 lbs.; pale skin, long blond hair pulled into a braid, one brown and one white eye.
  • ST 11 [10]; DX 14 [45]; IQ 13 [30]; HT 11 [10].
  • Speed 6.25; Move 6.
  • Advantages: Absolute Direction 5 ; Alertness +2, Combat Reflexes Military Rank 5 (Commander) 15
  • Disadvantages: Code of Honor (Pirate's) [-5]; Jealousy [-10]; One Eye [-15]; Overconfidence [-10].
  • Quirks: Despises the "soft" life on land; Enjoys humbling arrogant land-dwellers; Loyal only to personal relationships. [-3]
  • Skills: Administration-12 [1]; Astrogation-15 [6]; Astronomy-12 [2]; Bard-13 [2]; Boating-15 [4]; Brawling-15 [2]; Breath Control-10 [1]; Carousing-11 [2]; Cartography-13 [2]; Computer Operation-13 [1]; Cooking-13 [1]; Detect Lies-12 [2]; Electronics Operation (Communications)-12 [ 1 ]; Electronics Operation (Sensors)-13 [2]; Electronics Operation (Weapons Systems)-12 [1]; Fast-Talk-12 [1]; First Aid-13 [1]; Fishing-14 [2]; Free Fall-13 [1]; Gunner (Gauss Cannon)-15 [1]*; Guns (Light Automatic)-16 [1]*; Guns Coo (Pistol)-17 [2]*; Guns (Rifle)-16 [1]*; Intelligence Analysis-12 [2]; Intimidation-12 [1]; Knife-13 [1/2]; Leadership-14 [4]; Literature-11 [1]; Mathematics-12 [2]; Mechanic (Small Watercraft)-13 [2]; Meteorology-14 [4]; Navigation-18 [7 1/2]t; Sailor-15 [6]; Savoir-Faire (Military)-13 [ 1]; Scuba-13 [2]; Seamanship-15 [4]; Shipbuilding-13 [4]; Shiphandling-15 [8]; Strategy (Naval)-12 [2]; Swimming-16 [4]; Tactics (Naval)-13 [4]; Vacc Suit-12[l].
  • Languages: English (native)-13 [0].

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