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Xenofungus Example

Land and sea fungus

Xenofungus or Fungus is a form of plant life native to Alpha Centauri. It has a number of unusual properties which you may discover in the course of play.

Features[ | ]

  • Fungus prevents terraforming other than removing xenofungus.
  • Fungus impedes movement. Units may have difficulty entering Fungus squares. Increasing your PLANET social engineering rating will alleviate this problem. Building the Xenoempathy Dome improves Fungus movement considerably.
  • Fungus has some defensive value when defending against other human or Progenitor factions. Against native life, however, Fungus has negative value, making it easier for it to attack your units.
  • Fungus squares can be tapped for resources; the resource level provided by a fungus square is determined by the number of Centauri technologies you have discovered.